x3270 x3270


x3270 began life as 3270tool, a 3270 emulator for Suntools (Sun's original proprietary windowing environment). 3270tool was developed by Robert Viduya at Georgia Tech.

3270tool was then ported to X11R4 by Jeff Sparkes, and given the name x3270.

Paul Mattes has been modifying and extending x3270 since version 3.1 in 1993, and is the current maintainer. c3270, wc3270, s3270, tcl3270 and pr3287 were derived by him from the original x3270 code.

Over the years, a number of other people have made significant contributions to x3270:

  • Don Russell added RPQNAMES support.
  • Dick Altenbern added DFT file transfer support.