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Just for fun: x026

x026 is an IBM 026 Keypunch Emulator for the X Window System.

Animated x026 image


  • Requires slow, deliberate typing or input will be lost (typeahead can be enabled if you insist)
  • Overpunches available by backspacing or holding down Alt or Meta
  • Tab set for FORTRAN
  • Automatic sequence numbers in columns 73-80 (can be disabled)
  • Paste X11 selection with middle mouse button
  • Can save deck in file, either in ASCII or in Douglas Jones's standard format
  • Can select from several card and keypunch types

Source Code

The source for x026 is here.

Keypunch Links

For lots of information on punched cards (including the images used to construct x026), try Douglas Jones's Punched Card Collection.
For a picture of a real 029 keypunch, try Ed Thelen's Antique Computers page.

Ongoing Development

I used a real 026, once, sometime around 1976.  I don't recall many of the specifics. I would appreciate any help to make the emulation more accurate -- contact me with manuals, anecdotes, complaints, etc.