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Miscellaneous Documentation

Here are several miscellaneous x3270 documents.

Windows installer instructions.

How to build from source code on Unix.
How to build from source code on Windows.

Brackets - How to get the square bracket characters `[' and `]' right.

Charset - Documentation for the ISO 8859-1, EBCDIC Code Page 37, and x3270 Character Generator character sets.

How to create a custom keymap:
x3270 keymaps
c3270 keymaps
wc3270 keymaps

Resource references:
x3270 resources
c3270 resources
wc3270 resources
s3270 resources
ws3270 resources
tcl3270 resources

Information about using secure connections, including the various options, how to install the Windows OpenSSL DLLs and how to update the root certificate database.

Documentation for the x3270 HTTP server and REST APIs.

Wishlist - The x3270 wishlist.

IBM Reference Manuals
3270 Data Stream Programmer's Reference GA23-0059
3174 Character Set Reference GA27-3831
IND$FILE Protocol SS-HCS12-1372-00

RFC 1576, TN3270 Current Practices
RFC 1646, TN3270 Extensions for LUname and Printer Selection
RFC 2355, TN3270 Enhancements