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Note: This page is no longer being maintained for x3270 4.0 and later. Please refer to the the x3270 Wiki for up-to-date documentation.

Miscellaneous Documentation

Here are several miscellaneous x3270 documents.

Windows installer instructions.

How to build from source code on Unix.
How to build from source code on Windows.

Brackets - How to get the square bracket characters `[' and `]' right.

Charset - Documentation for the x3270 Character Generator character set.

How to create a custom keymap:
x3270 keymaps
c3270 keymaps
wc3270 keymaps

Resource references:
x3270 resources
c3270 resources
wc3270 resources
s3270 resources

Information about using secure connections (TLS/SSL).

Documentation for the x3270 HTTP server and REST APIs.

IBM Reference Manuals
3270 Data Stream Programmer's Reference GA23-0059
3174 Character Set Reference GA27-3831
IND$FILE Protocol SS-HCS12-1372-00

RFC 1576, TN3270 Current Practices
RFC 1646, TN3270 Extensions for LUname and Printer Selection
RFC 2355, TN3270 Enhancements